Sunday, June 5, 2011

Alter? Horizon Spellbomb doodle...

Horizon Spellbomb - an artifact that I can get from the graveyard and play it once again, sac it for a card and a land and be happy. But it has a slight problem. It looks terrible. From my point of view it has really awful illustration and the new artifact design is something I despise since 8th edition so I try to avoid it as much as possible. But well with new cards being printed it does not really work that well.

I tried opening Adobe Photoshop and tried to figure out what I could do with the card. I painted the background with that terrible green. Then I tried different hues of the color. Then I started to play with the yellow/white glowing circles but it did not really help much. In the end I painted red glow out of the red gems in the bomb. But it still looked terrible. But at least something was going on on the card.

Anyway I'm too lazy to take a brush and try to paint on the card so I took few felt-tip pens and tried doodling. It looked a bit better. But it was still too bright and too clean and such, eh. So I smudged few of the colors all over the card to make it look much more messy.

Now I'm quite satisfied, I managed to get it as messy as I could ^_^.

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