Friday, December 7, 2012

Underground Sea Alter

I bought some Underground Seas so I could play legacy. (Playing Legacy won't probably happen due to my situation now though). Two of the cards are heavily played and I was wondering if I could help the cards in some way. Altering a card usually works.

The colors on Underground Sea are too light for my taste though. Flooded Strand has similar kind of colors and I remember that it was a pain. I decided to add contrast and some more color to it...but doing this on Underground Sea? Not sure.

Anyway here's an attempt of how it could possibly look like. My flat mate said that it might be good to paint Jace or Dark Confidant there as well. So I might add that later. (but first I need to prepare a photoshop mockup to see how it would look like in reality and use that as reference.)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ajani, Caller of the Pride alter

I was asked by Zdenek to alter his Ajani which he won at one booster draft. I said I would try it but that it does not need to end up good. The yellow color was alarming already. Yellow paints are a pain and I have to say that those I have are really bad. I have to come up with a way how to paint with them so they look ok and that the paint underneath is not so visible.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Birds of Paradise Alter

Last week I wanted to do a Birds of Paradise alter but the only one I wanted to paint on was Birds of Paradise from 8th edition. I took the card and tried priming it but something unexpected happened and I rather not want to talk about that. Anyway the card in its original state was in a bad shape as you might see in the photo below.

So it had to be a full art alter in order to cover the damaged parts of the card. There were few ideas I had in my mind - night scene, Ravnica city, snowy scene. Or I could do something completely different...At that moment I was staring at my painting of Mount Fuji and that's what I wanted to do. I also remembered that I've seen Mount Fuji BoP already somewhere (done by Gali or Galli?) and I used that as a reference. I tried my best, but I'm not satisfied with it and this time it won't probably change. I'll have to do another one later to improve my skill and be more satisfied about it. (or paint over this one)

Here's the result.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Brainstom no.2 Alter

After some serious meddling with scanner and this my mother's computer (rather its operating system) I managed to scan majority of my Brainstorm alter. It could use some work and I wonder what to do with the text box. I thought about adding something there, but nothing came to my mind and it was like 4 am so I decided to go to sleep. Anyway after this alter I think I'm going to try some other ones...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Harmonize Alter

I haven't done any alter in a long while so I needed to start with something easy so my hand would get used to holding a brush. As I slowly work on my EDH deck cards I chose one of those cards - Harmonize.

(I'm not entirely content with this alter...or rather I'm not content with how it felt when I was trying to do this alter. It seemed that my skill flew away or something.)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Magic Alter - saving another land - Windswept Heath

Some time ago I played highlander with few people. It was quite a long overnight session and we had lots of fun. One of the players was asking the other one what he was doing with a certain card (because it was in a really bad state). I didn't know what card it was until he played it. He was quite desperate about getting rid of it so I offered to give him a different fetch land instead and took this one into my care.

From first sight you could see that the card went through a wash machine or that it was in water for quite some time. First the card needed to be pressed so it would be at least playable in thick sleeve. After a month of having it under tons of books and cards I decided to take it out and included it in my deck.

The card was playable but still you could see all the white places and the wierd texture water did. Time for altering called. The card at least deserved some color.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Magic Alter - Flooded Strand

I bought this fetch land at a convention earlier this month for 16USD which seemed quite a fair price for card that in ok state costs about 35USD. It was in a terrible state. White spots on the card, torn edges, some text and symbols on the card as well. Other players stated that they wouldn't give 16 bucks for it but I did not care. I still have my acrylic paints, a brush and can theoretically do an alter^^. So I decided to save this card. After few hours I came up with this. I'm not totally content with it. The colors are pain and I wanted the altered version to have more contrast so it wouldn't be so 'boring' (Alexander's painting is amazing, but well it just does not stand out so much when on a small canvas.)

In the near future I'd like to do more alters, but it seems that my creativity and ideas just don't work much. I need ideas and some motivation and I can hardly find them...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Avenger of Zendikar p2.

I'm trying to figure out how to make the plant look better. When I get back to school I would like to try to meddle with it a bit to make the flower stand out more. I did not care much about the outcome when I was doing it, but now I would like to experiment with it a bit more and see if I can make it more refined.

Who knows, the little plant might look better^^ and not be completely overwhelmed by Avenger of Zendikar.

I experimented a bit with copics, but it seems that it won't work well on Magic cards. I'll see how it behaves on acrylics later when I manage to have both at one place.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012