Sunday, July 15, 2012

Magic Alter - saving another land - Windswept Heath

Some time ago I played highlander with few people. It was quite a long overnight session and we had lots of fun. One of the players was asking the other one what he was doing with a certain card (because it was in a really bad state). I didn't know what card it was until he played it. He was quite desperate about getting rid of it so I offered to give him a different fetch land instead and took this one into my care.

From first sight you could see that the card went through a wash machine or that it was in water for quite some time. First the card needed to be pressed so it would be at least playable in thick sleeve. After a month of having it under tons of books and cards I decided to take it out and included it in my deck.

The card was playable but still you could see all the white places and the wierd texture water did. Time for altering called. The card at least deserved some color.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Magic Alter - Flooded Strand

I bought this fetch land at a convention earlier this month for 16USD which seemed quite a fair price for card that in ok state costs about 35USD. It was in a terrible state. White spots on the card, torn edges, some text and symbols on the card as well. Other players stated that they wouldn't give 16 bucks for it but I did not care. I still have my acrylic paints, a brush and can theoretically do an alter^^. So I decided to save this card. After few hours I came up with this. I'm not totally content with it. The colors are pain and I wanted the altered version to have more contrast so it wouldn't be so 'boring' (Alexander's painting is amazing, but well it just does not stand out so much when on a small canvas.)

In the near future I'd like to do more alters, but it seems that my creativity and ideas just don't work much. I need ideas and some motivation and I can hardly find them...