Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sol Ring

I wanted to do an alter. But I feel like crap, the weather outside changing all the time makes me dizzy and tired and in between I feel sick. So I just wanted to grab some random card I can destroy and ...well destroy it. This Sol Ring was laying around in my room for quite some time. The card is bend and heavily played. No one wanted it for ages so I decided to paint on it....I primed the card more or less but wasn't sure what to do. My flatmate's idea when I asked him what to alter was to replace Spellskite's background with some 'space' because Jakub Jandak described the card as 'Smashed spider on a supernova'... So I decided to 'paint' some 'nebulae' (colored something) and 'stars' (less colored dots). I also had the urge to use a golden paint so...that ended up on the 'ring'.

Here's the result of the experiment^_^

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