Saturday, July 14, 2012

Magic Alter - Flooded Strand

I bought this fetch land at a convention earlier this month for 16USD which seemed quite a fair price for card that in ok state costs about 35USD. It was in a terrible state. White spots on the card, torn edges, some text and symbols on the card as well. Other players stated that they wouldn't give 16 bucks for it but I did not care. I still have my acrylic paints, a brush and can theoretically do an alter^^. So I decided to save this card. After few hours I came up with this. I'm not totally content with it. The colors are pain and I wanted the altered version to have more contrast so it wouldn't be so 'boring' (Alexander's painting is amazing, but well it just does not stand out so much when on a small canvas.)

In the near future I'd like to do more alters, but it seems that my creativity and ideas just don't work much. I need ideas and some motivation and I can hardly find them...

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