Thursday, October 20, 2011

Experimenting with magic card altering

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After manga girl I decided to paint on Sensei's Divining Top. What I had in mind was this cards background to become pink(ish) with sakura trees and petals. This idea was already realized by someone - Yawgmoth - but I wanted to do this a year ago already. Now the time has come.

What I wanted to try and figure out is what base color I should use and what should I do to get a clear pink color on that base color. I ended up mixing ombre and buff titanium, but any shade of grey would work I guess.

After this coat I started adding more layers - pink. It resulted in a really beautiful color. It was so bright I had to do this process once again to make the color look dull.

When this was done I tried painting the sakuras and some petals. I finalized it the next day.

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