Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Black Lotus proxy

Today I was wondering what to do in the afternoon. I wanted a challenge but wasn't really sure what kind of challenge. I couldn't really move or anything so I decided to paint another Magic card. I couldn't decide whether I want to extent an art or something else. Later I came up with an idea - draw my own proxy of 'something'. And that 'something' ended up to be - Black Lotus.

I spent some time searching for an artifact card with CMC 0 and after some time I actually found one. I started with a rough sketch of some petals and some greenish/blackish background. I spent eons trying to make those petals look like petals. After that I spent ages to make the Lotus stand out and started tinkering with the background as well. After 3 hours the proxy started to look a bit like Black Lotus.

The result? Nothing awesome. I spent a lot of time and dedication on it but obviously I need to learn way more in order for the proxy to look good. Anyway after all the time it took me I achieved what I more or less had in mind and thus I consider this an achievement. I certainly learned something^_^. Hope you like it.(Not for sale)

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